Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Food Glorious Food...

It seems that I have come across so many names that they have naturally started sorted themselves. The category I will start with is...FOOD. [Mind you, there will be many names that defy categorizing and may end up in the "What were they thinking" pile].

Several years ago, a friend came home after substitute teaching at our local elementary school. She was aghast that parents had named their child [and this was on the birth certificate]...T-Bone!! Yes, folks. Capital T, dash, Capital B..o...n..e! Poor kid was in 1st grade at the time. My condolences!

Then of course there is Chaketa, Lasagna, Apple, Honey and Cherry. Though anyone who names their child Cherry in this day in age really deserves some form of public punishment. Just saying...

Yes folks! It's off to the Pantry for some inspiration...

Twins Orangejello and Lemonjello will be present in many categories, be prepared! Now, these two names are in NO way pronounced how they look [sorry Bill Cosby]. Let me see if I can do it justice.

Orangejello somtimes written O'rangejello pronounced AU-raange-ello
Lemonjello sometimes written Le'Mongejello LE-maange-ello

Hmm, it just occurred to me that perhaps T-Bone can also suspend reality and call himself Tae-Bau-ne. That might work!!

And finally, to a Veteran Hospital, to a proud soldier, whose name is...California Cherry! His response? "Don't laugh. I have a brother named Tangerine!"

By the way, the spellcheck is having a doozy of a time with these names!!!

Pumpkin. A term of endearment not to be used as an actual name.

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