Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Papa Paparazzi!!!!

Celebrities!!! Also not immune to giving their kids some tragic names.

There is this ONE celebrity that I cannot stand! Ever since that jumping on the furniture episode and stating that there is no such thing as post partum depression, which in his little mind can be fixed with exercise and sunshine [or was that with Skittles and rainbows?]. Then, he went on to call psychiatry a pseudo science and some other gobbledygook and has single-handedly further stigmatized mental illness [good job, Tom]...I have utterly no respect for him.

So, when he named his golden child Suri, (which is actually a pretty name) I went a looking. It totally filled my heart when I discovered that there is another type of Suri...They are Alpacas!!! Mischief managed.

Suri Alpaca...Awesome!!!! 

On a more serious note, okay maybe not serious, but here are some more keepers:-
  • Audio Science
  • Aurelius Cy
  • Heavenly Hiraani Tiger
  • Kal-el [now that's just setting up his future partner for disappointment]
  • Moxie Crimefighter [that is a cool name]
  • Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha [WHAT??]
  • Pilot Inspektor
  • Sage Moonblood and sibling Seargeoh [thank you Sylvester Stallone]
  • Tabooger [not to be confused with Onebooger]
  • Yamma, Zowie and Zuma [the missing Teletubbies]

Please be advised. Some or all of these names may reappear in my blog posting titled...
'Parents Clearly under the Influence' .

If you are having trouble remembering who Kal-el is...