Thursday, August 19, 2010

Around the World in 80 names...

I guess at some point, people got tired of using names from the continental United States as in Dakota, Montana, California Cherry, Indiana, Alabama Gypsy Rose, Memphis Eve, New York [you can thank that god awful show Flavor of Love for that moment please..Shudder...]

I'm just waiting for the name Shenandoah to start cropping up. Oh dear. That actually has a nice ring to it.

Where was I? Oh Yeah. Now, it appears that we have crossed the seas and incorporated not just other continents, but anything and everything related to travelling.

Please observe:-
Paris [I know of someone who named her child Paris...after her cat who had passed away. Umm, okay...]
China-Sometimes spelt Chyna.WHY??!!

A feasible method for naming children.

Now, in actuality, these are quite pretty, however the scales get tipped with the following names:-
Journey-Not the band...but just one little kid
Zahara -Wait hold on. I was thinking about Sahara
Jeronimo-Sorry, sounds like something good to say before starting a trip
Mars Merkaba
Saffron Sahara- I knew there was a desert name in here somewhere...
Sailor Lee
Tripp -Priceless!!! I couldn't have asked for anything better...

Name your child Pirate, you must not.
My favorite in this category is a family who thought they were being cute. Not so much.

Okay. Their last name is Hall. They named the child, Tajma. Yes folks.
Her whole name is Tajma Hall. the real Taj Mahal

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