Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wheel of Fortune...Can I Buy a Vowel Please?

There are some folks who were under the impression that you had to BUY a vowel before it could be added into a name and I truly believe that they think there was a crazy, buy one, get one sale on the least used consonants.

"Pat? Can I buy a vowel, please?"

Sadly, some of these names defy all phonics, logic and any of the ever changing current reading methods that the school system deems appropriate.

If you can figure out how to actually pronounce some of these names, give yourself a gold star.

 I stopped trying.

Jermih -pronounced Jerimiah.
Yes, I know vowels are missing. The 'mother' was informed by many individuals that this was spelt incorrectly. However, in her world...this is how Jerimiah is spelt.

I weep for our youth.

Jermih Jahein-Kareem  Yes, it's the above kids first and middle name. Double sigh. Where do I start?! I would totally understand if there was a religious and cultural background to this name. BUT...there wasn't!! The poor kid is already on the TSA [Transportation Security Administration] watch list and he hasn't even left the hospital!!!

"Excuse me sir. Can you come over here, please?
 Where are you travelling to and why? I'm sorry, Sir. I can't understand you.
Please speak clearly!!"

Here are some more doozies:-

Rva- a girl
Nekeya-both a boy and a girl
Tshombe -a guy
Yanique -a girl
Nekey -no idea if this is a boy or girl
Osamani -And before you think that this is a culturally based name. It isn't.
Treleah-For some reason I feel like skipping when I read this name
Sirandre- I no longer care if it's a boy or girl
Quantaz -Bonus points for using Q and Z in a name. Pity he can't use it in Scrabble. Darn!!
Zenia pronounced Xena [oh, to use Xena's Chakram on some of these parental units]

Xena and her multipurpose Chakram.
Oh, the sense I could knock into heads with that thing!!

And of course a favorite, cause everyone knows one of these, Laquesha sometimes spelt, Laquisha.

A special shout out goes to The Jolie-Pitt household. The childrens names seem to have a lot of consonants found at the end of the alphabet.
No small feat I'm sure:-Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne

I'm sorry. I need to stop now. My head is hurting....

Little Bro just trying to fly in peace.

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