Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FINED...for inappropriate keyboard use !!!

Somewhere along the way, some genius discovered that there was more to the keyboard than just the letters, and decided to incorporate that into names. Some may argue that it is almost like an idiot savant of  sorts. Why just use the letters? There is a perfectly good shift key! Why not hit that a couple of times and see what we come up with. Behold...


What pray tell is this name I hear you ask? Could it be Lea? Leah? No folks. Wait for it. The name is pronounced [drum roll please...]..LEDASHA !!! Yup! This name is on some poor child's birth certificate. Every time someone comes upon this, ummm, creative use of the dash, she must forcefully reiterate that her name is Ledasha and watch the  horrified comprehension dawn upon that persons face....time and time again...

Apparently every thing on the keyboard is now game...

There is also some poor kid out there who answers to Se7en!

It wasn't bad enough that they were called a number...but apparently the actual number had to be included, to add insult to injury, if you will.

By the way, the parental unit stated that the movie Se7en was in fact their inspiration for this stroke of genius. [To recap. The movie had Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman chasing a serial killer using the seven deadly sins as his MO. Despite my ability to discuss blood, gore and body fluids over any meal...I actually felt quite nauseated by the scenes depicted on the big screen AND to top it off, someone actually loses their head at the end...literally! Good Times!!]

C@ in the H@

The F@ C@ S@ on the M@
Observe the irony of the 'I Can Read Banner'

It has also been recently  brought to my attention, the  reclassification of what we have grown up believing is the apostrophe. Children around the world, whose mother tongue is NOT English have mastered and comprehend the use of the apostrophe. Sadly however, a whole new home grown generation, maybe even someone in your neighbourhood, have taken it upon themselves to rename said punctuation mark.

It is now called, and I presume, it is through ignorance, a "High Comma".

So...L'emonjello [remember him] is spelt out  as..
Capital L... High comma... e..m..o..n..j..e..l..l..o       *Sigh*

Some more examples of this "specialness"
God'iss Love

A moment while I weep... 

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